About us

Pacific Specialist Healthcare (PSH) is the South Pacifics' premiere specialist private hospital. PSH opened its doors early 2017 and has since grown with a reputation for offering the best medical healthcare services in a world class facility with a pacific styled friendly patient care.


100% Fijian

Pacific Specialist Healthcare is 100% Fijian

100% Fijian owned. Our hospital is owned by Fiji citizens who live in Fiji.
100% Fijian staffed. All our staff are locals.
100% Fijian specialists. All our specialists are locals.


Technologically advanced

Pacific Specialist Healthcare prioritises patient care and wellbeing above all else. Our private hospital invests heavily in technologically advanced equipment and post-op care to ensure our patients receive the best treatment, faster recovery, lower surgical risks and a reduced treatment cost.

We are the only private hospital in the region equipped with

Stone Laser machine enabling minimally invasive surgeries.
Keyhole Surgery equipment ensuring reduced treatment cost and minimal to no 
Colposcopy microscope camera allowing you to view your examinations in realtime.


Our facility

Our state of the art facility offers the following

Robust outpatient services. Our outpatient services are open 7 days a week.
Medical pathology lab. In-house lab for all blood and other specimen tests.
Surgical unit, purpose built Operating Theatre. Advanced surgical operating theatre.
In-patient wards. Post-op care.