Our services

General outpatient and minor treatments

Our hospital including our outpatient department is open 7 days a week. You will always find a doctor at our hospital no matter which day of the week you visit us.

Our outpatient department offers GP services, nursing care and minor treatments.

Medical pathology laboratory

Our medical pathology laboratory is equipped with the worlds best diagnostics equipment ensuring your results are accurate and fast. Our laboratory is located within the hospital ensuring we deliver blood/specimen test results in the quickest time possible.

Our laboratory also caters for external GP's and clinics.

Medical and surgical in-patient services

Our hospital has fully equipped and luxurious private and semi-private wards to cater medical and surgical patients.


Surgical services

Our hospital offers minor and major surgical procedures out of our advanced purpose-built in-house operating theatre. Surgeries are carried out using some of the latest technologies and equipment ensuring our patients have minimal surgical risks and faster recovery.

Corporate services

Pacific Specialist Healthcare offers a multitude of services to our corporate clients including